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Private Summer School in Vermont, USA

We are offering a new English Language Program which is individually planned for each student or small group (up to 3 people) from Fall 2016. We have listed some ideas below. Please ask for a meeting so we can develop your own adventure.

All the activities take place in the State of Vermont. It is a heavily forested state known for its natural beauty and quiet lifestyle. Natural and local foods from small farms and a back-to-nature mindset make Vermont a unique way of life.

Combine Private English lessons adapted to your needs with some fun outdoor adventures.
Adventure Idea No 1 - Unplugged living

Foersterhuus in the forest in VermontUnplugged living. Leave stress and electronic smog behind. Live in a one-room cabin (Foerster Haus) with an outhouse and get your water from a stream. No electricity and a 30-minute hike from the highway and the classroom.
Adventure Idea No 2 - Hike ....

Hike in VermontHike the Appalachian or Long Trail and spend the night in the shelters along the way. Hike with or without your English teacher. We can arrange drop-off and pick-up service.
Adventure Idea No 3 - Horseback Riding

Horseback RidingWe can help you organize courses for golf, horseback riding, canoeing, etc.  Or are you interested in gardening, foraging or Indian culture? Any of these activities can be combined with your English lessons.
Accommodations for all budgets from Foerster Haus to trailer to luxury B&B.
Transportation Rent a car or use The Bus in the Rutland area. Rent our trailer for camping.

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